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Lid Manager

I like to use my 701 Eee PC as a portable music player. I especially like playing FLACs which is my music ripping codec of choice. The relatively bulky size of the Eee PC is not an issue for me as I throw the Eee PC in my backpack. The main pain is the shenanigans necessary to stop the closing of the lid from switching off the processor.

lidman on the taskbar

So to solve the problem I wrote a cool tool - aka lidman. Lidman sits in the EeePC system tray and with a click of the right mouse you can control whether shutting the lids switches off the processor - or not.

After a few months of testing, it has operated flawlessly. So now to release it.

I’ve put the downloads on a separate page. The tool is free – though a small donation is always appreciated!

I’ll be releasing the code as open source soon via my repo.

Please add feedback/issues as comments.

[Edited 2009-01-01 Note I developed this on the 701. Feedback I’m getting says it works on later versions eg 901. Let me know if you have any issues.]


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