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Eee Network Performance

Highly acceptable! Very subjective but here’s the scene: My trusty old Xbox with Xecutor 3 running xbmc wirelessly streaming a hdtv show off Eee via an SMB share as the Eee simultaneously wirelessly streams it off the web. Flawless.

Of course you might ask why not direct to Xbox? It doesn’t do a good job of simultaneous downloads and play.

Even better the Eee consistently streams faster from the web than my dual 3GHz XP box. Small amounts (few 10KB/s) but noticeable.


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Eee as iPod replacement

Eee comes with Amarok music player. Sound quality is good.

I used the to convert my lossless ipod files to flac.

I carry a backpack so I decided to use the Eee as a portable player.

Only issue is that the Eee enters suspend mode when the lid is closed. I wrote a small tool to stop that behavior and added it to the Settings tab. Clicking on the tool allows me to choose if closing the lid will suspend the Eee or not.

I used my sennheiser noice-cancelling cans and walked the streets with sound quality as good as the latest version IPod. With network and screen off, the battery didn’t even lose a bar on a 40 min walk.

enjoying it,


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Nice! Even more impressive on the Eee PC than Xara is Inkscape.

Inkscape running on the Eee PC

I found Xara a little tricky to use (e.g not all tools could be reached on the toolbar window!). Inkscape uses SVG so nice portable output.

To install, bring up a code window (Ctrl-Alt-t) then type

sudo apt-get install inkscape

Note you will need to have the etch repos set up for apt.



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Xara is a useful vector graphics editor. Even better it runs on the Eee.

Xara on the Eee PC

Cool huh?

To install is quick but needs some grunt work:

A couple of issues I’ve noticed are:

  1. On start-up you will get a warning that ImageMagick is missing. This is not problem (it simply means that you can’t save your files in formats such as TIFF) and can be safely ignored.
  2. The options dialog is chopped off slightly at the bottom of the screen. This is partly a consequence of slack of sliding dialogs in Xara – due to it being a port of a windows app.
  3. Toolbars such as the taskbar can become undocked. I’ve not yet discovered how to redock them!



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